Saturday, June 20, 2009

White Belt

Well, she did it. She finished her homework for Karate & performed her moves well so now we have a little white belt Karate master in our midst! Congratulations Michael Anne!!! She's really good at all her moves, except jumping over the noodle when it is swiping her feet. She jumps alright but not straight up more like kidda everywhere and anywhere while the girliest giggles spill out of her in an uncontrollable deluge of laughter! It's really funny!!! But watch out if she needs to kick or punch or duck or scoot to the side...a regular ninja! Okay, okay, I know they are different arts but here I am a mom who's only exposure so such things was being the Tia Qwan Do (I don't even know how to spell Ti Quan Do?) boxing dummie for my brothers back in the day, running for my life while they terrorized me with impending doom! Now she is all signed up for the summer program and anxiously awaiting her next lesson on Tuesday. AWESOME MICHAEL ANNE!!!

1 comment:

ashley said...

way to go micheal ann!!! yeah!! i often think about taking karate myself, but never have done it!! keep up the good work!!