Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Bit'o Halloween Fun

As a tribute to this coming Halloween I've decided to put my creative cooking skills to the test and make some SPOOKY Halloween inspired meals. So as not to burn my limited skills out we are going to have these spooky meals each Friday, that way Chase will be here for some of them, and I'll only have to make 5 of them!!! The menu was inspired by (well, taken from) one of those Pillsbury seasonal cookbooks that you find at the checkout in grocery stores. My mom gave us one so we're going to try it out.

On the menu is; Toad's Eye Soup with Witch Broomsticks, Spaghetti with Meatball Eyeballs, Tarantula Tacos, Spooky Spiderweb Pizza, Slow-Cooked Chili with Spider Bread, Ground Beef Mummy Bread, and Crescent Wrapped Sausage Mummies with Dragon Eggs & Warewolf Hair Hashbrowns.

Keep your eyes peeled for pictures of these spooky treats & Halloween jokes by our resident little witch, Michael Anne, over the coming weeks & have yourselves a spooktacular holiday season!!!
***Do you like Michael's scare-a-crow costume from a few years ago??? Can you believe that I acutally made it!?!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Awesome Concert

So my sweetheart planned a belated birthday gift for me last night that was totally awesome!!! While Gma & Gpa Johnson watched the girlies I drove up to SL to meet Derek for some much needed and anticipated fun. I didn't know what he had planned just that we'd be outside so I brought blankets and met him up behind the U at Red Butte Gardens. It turned out to be the last summer concert featuring Tristan Prettyman, Butler Trio, & G. Love & Special Sauce! It was awesome!!!

Aside from about 1/2 an hour of light rain and kinda cold temps it was a blast! We had a good time laughing at freaky people, smelling ugh... odd stuff, and listening to good music while in the company of my favorite person on the entire planet. It was perfect and I loved being alone with him, amidst hundreds of happy people. Good times. Thanks Derek, I really needed that!!!

Addison 6 mos.

Today was Addison's 6 month birthday! We have been so blessed to have her with us for an entire 1/2 year already!!!!! We love her so much, she is such a beautiful little baby and brings so much joy to our hearts and our home. She really is made of sugar and spice and everything nice!
Here is a 1/2 birthday picture of our little princess, and a few others just for fun. She seems to be developing many new tricks these days. She has recently begun to get a taste for other foods besides yummy mommy's milk. So far she's tasted cantelope, watermellon, greenbeans, banana-oatmeal cereal, and maybe one or two other things all of which she has loved! She's also begining to get the idea of crawling...she hasn't actually done it yet but she's figuring it out pretty quickly. We are proud of all she has learned and all she has brought to our family in such a short time. We LOVE you Addi!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Got Milk?

Another generation of breastfeeding moms, I'm so proud! Notice she's upgraded to using a feeding blanket to nurse her twin care bears. What a funny kid!!