Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Such a Cute Cute Baby!!

I love this picture of Addison. Her hands and feet are a blur because she is so excited but I love the grin on her face and how pretty she is in pink! This has been a big month for her... on the 4th she mastered rolling over and on the 24th she actually started laughing whenever I tickle her. She is adorable!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Addison & Brenden's Big Day

The Sunday before the reunion was the perfect day for Addison's blessing and Brenden's ordination to the office of Priest. (I don't have many pictures of this day so if anyone has some please email them to me and I'll put more on). Later that day was also cousin Hattie's blessing at her grandparent's home in Provo. The backyard pictures were taken there. I especially love the pictures of Brenden & Chase, they are so handsome!

More Family Reunion

A fun activity the family did during the Johnson Family Reunion was a ropes course in Provo. It was pretty fun, although I just played with Addison, she was a good excuse to avoid wetting my pants while being hauled up on the rope swing!
Everybody all Harnessed Up! Flattering isn't it?!?
Brenden & Chase on the Rope Swing.

And Last But Not Least: Derek on the Rope Swing. It took the whole family to hoist him up there but it was worth the effort. He dazzled us with a few flips as well as a double flip! onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_8s-yozzXuzg/SH4gCTme7lI/AAAAAAAAAoA/Ka8R1k0C8nA/s1600-h/071508+031.jpg">

Here are a few pictures of the girls having some fun at the ropes course. Luckily Audrey & Michael kept each other pretty well entertained during the rope swing and then were able to join in on the parachute fun. Notice Addi enjoying the reunion by taking a little siesta in her own privately shaded chair (she did that a lot).

Trip to Washington State

Earlier this summer Michael Anne, Addison, my parents and I took a little trip up to Washington to visit family for Memorial Day. It was a nice trip and Michael especially enjoyed playing with her cousins; Jimmy, Eric, and of course Lizzy! Here are some pictures of that trip.

The LONG car ride. Both girls did pretty well, it just took a little longer than usual.

Slip & Slide fun & a bit of dress up at Dave & Penny's home.

Dinner @ El Porton. I love the picture of Addi smiling so big when she met her Uncle Dave

Memorial Day at the cemetery, visiting Uncle Chris, Grandpa Tree, Grandpa Davenport, Uncle Ron's parents, and Mom's brother Jimmy. I've always enjoyed going to the cemetery to visit, it must be the promise of eternal families that makes it enjoyable rather than something to avoid.
Playing at the park & going home. This really was a fun trip and all Michael talks about is another trip to visit Lizzy! She is really lucky to have so many cousins that are her same age.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Johnson Family Reunion

This past week has been a fun experience. We've enjoyed spending time with all of Derek's family; Mom, Dad, Brothers, & Sisters and their families. Michael especially enjoyed playing with "her very own cousin," as they refer to each other, Audrey.
Here is one picture of just our little family. It's pretty cute so I think we'll order one. This proof is a little grainy but it will look better when it's actually printed, what do you think?

Independence Day 2008

We had a great time celebrating the birth of our great nation. Michael Anne, Derek, Addison, & I went to the parade and fireworks show in Sandy and had a great time together. It was one of my favorite 4th of July's so far!