Sunday, April 17, 2011

Walking Children Through The Holy Week Before Easter

I found this blog called "We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ" from a link another friend had on Facebook. What a great idea to help make Easter what it is meant to be, a reminder of our Savior's atonement & resurection.
I was at the store yesterday picking up some Easter baskets for the kids to use at our family egg hunt & I was saddened that the buckets said "Happy Spring" rather than "Easter." I hope that we can keep this one holiday a holy day as it is, in my opinion, the most sacred of them all.

Here is the link & I also copied & pasted the entire post below, hope that's ok!

Walking Children Through Holy Week by Wendy

In our home we have a half wall that separates the bedrooms from the front room. The is half wall is like a big chalkboard for our family. We put up pictures on the wall. We use the flat part as a stage. My son used it as a the tower for King Benjamin giving his speech for scriptures one day. Since we don't have a television, we sometimes put the computer up there and watch a movie together. Last year for Easter we used the half wall as a picture time line of the last week of the Savior's life and His resurrection.
Our Display from Easter 2010
So here is a brief picture outline of what we did day by day to teach the last week of Christ's life and the resurrection. I will explain it in more detail below. The pictures that I have mentioned are in the LDS Gospel Art Book or individual pictures can be ordered through LDS Distribution. A scripture summary is given all of Christ's life with specific events in the New Testament. All the following story references can be found here near the bottom of the page. The Friend April 2011 also has a picture outline with the scriptures attached at the bottom. After I had written this post, I got the Friend in the mail.
Sunday: Plan of Salvation review and what Christ's role in the plan is.
Monday: Triumphal Entry
Tuesday: Purging the Temple and the Widow's Mite
Wednesday: The Last Supper and Washing the Disciples' Feet (Also can be taught are the parables)
Thursday: The Garden of Gethsemane and Christ' Arrest
Friday: Peter's Denial, The Crucifixion and The Burial
Saturday: No Picture. We talked about the Spirit World and Jesus' teaching. Also we read about the darkness in the Americas.
Sunday: Christ Visiting Mary, The Empty Tomb, Christ Visiting the Apostles
We start the week by talking about Jesus' role in the Plan of Salvation. In my opinion, the whole plan came together during the last week of Jesus' life. When Jesus was resurrected, the plan came together perfectly. The rest of the plan is up to me to do what I should and to want to return to live with my Heavenly Father and my family.

We found this resource for a simple art project for the plan. It is a coloring sheet and a puzzle. When I printed it, I needed to scale back the percentage from 200% to 175% and have the sheet print on a landscape option.
Jesus' triumphal entry was a beautiful fulfillment of prophesy.
Triumphal Entry by Harry Anderson
We put up the picture and explained that the people were so excited to see Jesus that they had a parade to welcome Jesus. We then do a parade in our backyard waving our arms and banging on instruments.

Jesus cleaned the temple. He came through and literally cleaned house. He also taught about the widow and her faith and what she gave was more than the hypocritical show of the others in the temple.
Jesus Cleansing the Temple by Karl Heinrick Bloch
On this day we post pictures of our favorite temples. We talk about how the temple is kept clean and is modest. We then talk about our bodies and how they need to be kept modest and clean.

This is where we broaden the story. Since we have little ones, we break up the events of Thursday into two days. I am working with short attention spans not necessarily an attempt to dilute material. We share the the story of the Last Supper and Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. The healing of the 10 lepers also takes place and can be included.
The Last Supper by Karl Heinrich Bloch
We generally have a seder or a passover meal. (I will post again about how you can have your own simple passover meal later on in this Easter blog party, so stay tuned!)

The Passover was being celebrated at this time. We talk about how God protected the Israelites that were willing to slaughter the lamb and have the blood on their doors so that the Destroying Angel would pass over them. We talk about how Jesus knew that His coming death was similar to the passover. We would be saved from our spiritual death and have a hope for the resurrection.
Jesus Washing the Apostles' Feet by Del Parson
We talk about how Jesus then washed His Apostle's Feet. We talk about how Jesus was willing to serve and love others. A discussion can take place on how service is important that even Jesus was willing to wash dirty feet of other people.

On this day we show the picture of the Garden of Gethsemane and Christ's arrest.
Jesus Praying in Gethsemane by Harry Anderson
We talk about how Jesus prayed for us and how he hurt. We also talk about how an angel was sent to aid Christ and that we can have Heavenly Father's help.
The Betrayal of Jesus by Ted Henninger
We then talk about Jesus' arrest and how Peter tried to protect Jesus because Peter loved Jesus. We also talk about choosing the right and Judas' betrayal. We talk about how it is important to do things for the right reasons even when the price seems so bright and shiny.

There aren't many pictures of Jesus' trial or what happens to Him before his crucifixion. We talk about Peter, Golgotha, and the burial in the tomb.
Peter's Denial by Carl Heinrich Bloch
We talk about Peter and how either out of obedience or out of safety denied knowing Jesus. We talk about how scary it must have been for Peter.
The Crucifixion by Harry Anderson
We talk about how the Roman soldiers put nails in Jesus' hands, feet, wrists, and ankles. We get out a nail and a hammer. We show where the nail was put and put press on each of our hands. We have our boys point to Mary in the picture and how sad she is. We point to different parts of the picture and ask what is happening. We talk about when Jesus died the temple veil tore and how special the temples are.
Burial of Jesus by Carl Heinrich Bloch
Just before bed we talk about how the friends of Jesus raced to get his body into a tomb before the sun set and how special the body is. We also talk about how Jesus' spirit is no longer in his body. An example is shown with a glove. The glove represents the body and the hand the spirit. We talk about where the body and the spirit go. We don't talk about the reuniting of the body yet because the resurrection hasn't happened yet.

We review all the pictures. We talk about the Nephites and how they sat in darkness and heard a voice from heaven. We also mention the sadness of Jesus' friends and Apostles. We also talk about how Jesus goes to the Spirit world and teaches.

Mary and The Resurrected Lord by Harry Anderson
Mary goes to the tomb and finds it empty. She is sad to think someone has stolen Jesus. She sees angels and hears the voice of Jesus. She learns that He has resurrected. She announces it to the Apostles.
Behold My Hands by Harry Anderson
Jesus shows himself. He lets them touch Him. He show that the plan has been fulfilled. We take the glove and show about the resurrection and how Christ was with out His body for three days.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sugar Eggs

Last night I went over to a friend's house & had a great time making this adorable sugar egg. When I got there I had no idea what to make. She had so many AWESOME looking eggs, how could I come up with an idea that would "do?" I was looking around at all of her MANY decorations for the eggs when I saw Scooby Do. I love Scooby Do & so do my girls so I just knew that whatever I did it had to have this "Great" Dane in it! After a bit of indecision I decided to make a garden with an Easter Bunny & a pond with a sun shining from the sky. I decided to hide Scooby in there and then I found a ton of other cute stuff to hide too. So that was my idea, to make a hide & seek egg for the kids to enjoy. Although now I don't want them to touch it!!!