Thursday, July 21, 2011

Addi is Potty Trained!

There NEVER seems to be a good time for time consuming stuff! But, with another baby well on his way, I figured we'd better get to it or I'd (we'd) be changing 3 poopy pants & that just wouldn't be cool. So we made the effort & I'm proud to announce that Addi is officially potty trained, she's 3& 1/2. She took about a week maybe two to make it stick but she did a great job. Straight to panties she went & rarely had an accident. When they did happen, she cleaned it up herself & put on new undies herself. She really did a great job, once I decided to make the effort. So I just made her a basic pee-pee chart (50 toilets in a chart & stickers to stick on each potty, 2 for poops) & turned it over to her. Oh yeah, & a candy each time she went successfully on the toilet, although she milked that by rationing her pee pee for more candy, but whatever, I'm not opposed to bribery & hey, it worked! We are going to take her to Chuck E. Cheese for her big reward...someday...soon, I promise!
Good Job Miss Addison!!!