Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What Have We Been Up To???

So it's been awhile since I posted some pictures and told a little about what we've been up to so here are some pictures of the last days of summer. Enjoy!

A Visit to BYU and the Dinosaur Museum

Feeding the Ducks
Having Some Lunch (different day)

Yikes! Don't Eat My Baby!!!

Watch Out Michael Anne!

Wow, look at that!

More to come Addi is calling!

I'M BACK - Next Day

Mommy & Addi at BYU
Love those Wasatch Mountains!

Michael's Soccer Jersey We Made at Home with Her Name on the Back

There's My Little Protoge!
The Park Here in Orem Swarms with Soccer all Summer Long.
Michael was Pretty Excited about it and We Often Stopped to Watch the Kids Practice or Play Games. Sometimes She'd Pick up a Little Game on the Sidelines with other Little Brothers & Sisters of the Players so I Started taking her there during the Day when the Fields were Empty for Soccer Practice. It was REALLY Fun for Both of Us Until it Started Getting TOO Cold Outside! (Who plays soccer in the cold?...I guess everyone in the Northern Hemisphere...Geez!)
My Little Monkey Up a Tree!

She Climed this Tree all By Herself! Reminded Me of the Good Old Days Scaling Trees in the Rainforest of Panama & Playing in the Cashew Tree where the SPAZ Club Met with Milk Cart Seats & Shelves for our Books & Other Treasures.

Well, I'm doing these Updates in the mornings when the kiddos are still sleeping and Addi is just waking up so I'll be going again, probably until tomorrow. I still have other pictures to upload from the summer so check back again soon. Ta Ta For Now!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Breakfast Anyone?

I saw this commercial on t.v. the other day and thought it was hilarious. I am so eggcited that Derek helped me find it on YouTube so I could share its mildly sick humor with you! Enjoy.
(Oh yeah, you must scroll down & pause my music player to hear the video.)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

6 Quirky Things About Me...

1. I ALWAYS lock the car doors when we are in the car, even driving down the highway. You never know what freaks are out there or where/when they might pop up!
2. I ALWAYS shower in a particular order. First, I get all soaked. Then I wash my hair. Next I put conditioner in my hair. Fourth I shave my pits & legs. After that I wash my body. Then I wash my face and then finally I rinse the conditioner out of my hair. I never deviate from this pattern, it just can't be done.
3. When I put my make up on, I ALWAYS pour a little foundation into the palm of my hand and add 5 drops of moisturizer to it and rub it all around until it's well mixed and then I rub it all over my face. I HATE applying it with sponges. They soak up way too much of the stuff and then it comes out uneven. My way, the best way, works just right every time.
4. I ALWAYS fold my towels just so. If they are folded any other way then they are "wrong." Derek knows this and tries to defy me on this issue but I make sure it's done "right" anyway & refold if necessary. Thank goodness he still helps me fold laundry!
5. Let's see... along the lines of #1... I ALWAYS lock the house door. Again you never know what freaks are out there or where/when they might pop up!
6. And finally, humm probably others could point out something much more "quirky" about me than I can but let me dig deep (okay, I don't have to dig that deep) Let's shake it up a bit, I NEVER wash my face at night. Well, that one wasn't much fun but I think it's a bit different than the norm.

Okay, instead of tagging someone with this same topic I'm going to make up one. The topic of this tag is... 5 of your favorite memories. I'm picking Dave, Chad, (yes, boys) Teralee, Nicolle, and Amy W. I'll post mine tomorrow maybe.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Her Pearly Whites are Poking Through

Addi has two teeth now! The first popped out on Oct. 29th on the bottom left and the second made its debut the next day on the bottom right. So far she has been experimenting lightly with them but she seems to be exercising her bite a bit more this morning...ouch! She'll learn.

I've got to figure out how to put videos from our camera onto the computer and then onto the blog because yesterday Michael Anne asked for an Oreo cookie for a snack and Addison yanked it out of my hand and shoved it into her little mouth. I was going to take it from her but she seemed to enjoy it way too much to deprive her of a little chocolate goodness! By the time she was done with that cookie she was definitely ready for ANOTHER bath! It was so cute. I'll figure it out and add it to this post a little later when the baby monkey is napping.