Thursday, November 6, 2008

Her Pearly Whites are Poking Through

Addi has two teeth now! The first popped out on Oct. 29th on the bottom left and the second made its debut the next day on the bottom right. So far she has been experimenting lightly with them but she seems to be exercising her bite a bit more this morning...ouch! She'll learn.

I've got to figure out how to put videos from our camera onto the computer and then onto the blog because yesterday Michael Anne asked for an Oreo cookie for a snack and Addison yanked it out of my hand and shoved it into her little mouth. I was going to take it from her but she seemed to enjoy it way too much to deprive her of a little chocolate goodness! By the time she was done with that cookie she was definitely ready for ANOTHER bath! It was so cute. I'll figure it out and add it to this post a little later when the baby monkey is napping.


Amylouwho said...

Andrew got his first two teeth about a month ago and another one today. And that biting - OUCH!!! - it hurts! How do you get them not to do it? I scream, because it hurts and then tell him NO, and then he gets upset and cries. It's tons-o-fun.

The Stratton Family said...

not fun...Will has actually tugged on me quite hard and he doesn't even have teeth yet. but it certainly made me think about when he does. I love the cute teeth stage though, they have such fun looking smiles.

Julie said...

Yes, that toothy smile is SO cute.

I react just about the same as you Amy. It is such a sharp and shocking pain that I usually yelp in pain and then tell her NO in a firm tone. She's cried a few times, I'm sure because she's startled by mommy's tone. I've heard some flick the baby's mouth but I don't really like that idea too much. I've been sick with a terrible cold ever since her teeth poked through and I think I'm dehydrated. I've noticed that she only bites when sucking doesn't produce much milk for her. I've given her a bottle a couple of times when that's happened and been so surprised at how 1. she'll take the bottle, and 2. how much she gobbles up. I must be short changing her.