Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Picking up Boys in the Park

Today I took Michael Anne to the park for a little romping around. She was having a great time playing with a couple of boys that were there. I was a little concerned at first because they looked a little bigger than her and it sounded like they told her to get lost. I waited to see what would happen, last week she shoved a boy quite a bit bigger than herself and knocked his hat off before I could summon her away to cool off under a tree. She said something back to them and then kept playing near them. I called her over to get the scoop and it turned out that the three of them decided to be friends. I was pretty proud of her for using her words to solve a problem instead of her muscle (tee hee hee). Anyhow they had a great time playing and at one point I saw a rat in the grass...yikes you heard it a rat! It was going into a hole near the raging river (can't believe there is a raging river right next to a playground)! I called MA over to check it out as it was running away and she and the two boys came to see. The rat jumped into the fast flowing river and Michael exclaimed that it was a river rat! It actually looked just like our pet rat, who by the way met an untimely demise yesterday - probably from the heat as it had been banished to the garage when we brought Addi home. Does that count as murder? Uh oh, I may be in for it. Anyhow back to the one of the little boys asked me how old MA was and I replied that she is 4 1/2. I asked him how old they were and he said they were 7! She didn't really look much smaller than them, I was surprised. As they played they kept calling her little sister...something to do with their game. A little while later it was time to go so I told her to say goodbye. She did and the boy in the red shirt asked if we'd be back tomorrow. I said probably not. Then as we were walking away I heard the red shirt boy say to the yellow shirt boy "I wish she was my girlfriend." What the...she's 4 I couldn't believe my ears, but truly it was pretty cute. Then the yellow shirt boy yelled over to MA, "Hey, little sister, he said he wishes you were his girlfriend!" Michael just looked at him like "what?" I chuckled a little as she had no clue what he was talking about and almost instantly the red shirt boy said to his friend "I was just joking man, I can't believe you fell for it!" Only you could tell he was trying to save face. It was cute but slow down boys, slow down!!!

On another note, Michael just told me that she can move the couch because she's been "working out." Boy they pick up on everything don't they!!! (ughh, yes she's still awake).

OOO, What is That?

So I've been losing TONS of hair lately. Here is the haul from today's shower. You'd think I would be bald by now but somehow I'm not. Pretty nasty wouldn't you say...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh What Fun it is to Have a Little Sister...

Michael really loves playing with her baby sister & since Addison is only three months old she plays along quite well as you can see from the following pictures:

Michael asked me to take this picture of her & post it on the here she is in all her ancient glory: Queen Cleopatra wearing her beautiful crown made of a "recycled" t.p. roll. Michael is BIG into recycling. If you ask her to throw away her trash she gets irritated and says that she's planning to do the right thing and recycle it.

Soon after the first picture Michael decided to adorn the "crown" with jewels & put it on her little sister, Baby Cleopatra.

Michael lovingly gives baby toys to play with, cuz what 3 month old doesn't love stuffed animals? Actually she really likes them and can handle them pretty well.

Today Michael made a fort for her baby sister, while Addison was playing in her bouncy chair. Luckily Addi doesn't mind the dark!

Here is Addison hanging out in her new fort c/o her big sister.

Cute baby feet, she's really in there! (Cute, comfy slippers c/o Teralee)