Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh What Fun it is to Have a Little Sister...

Michael really loves playing with her baby sister & since Addison is only three months old she plays along quite well as you can see from the following pictures:

Michael asked me to take this picture of her & post it on the here she is in all her ancient glory: Queen Cleopatra wearing her beautiful crown made of a "recycled" t.p. roll. Michael is BIG into recycling. If you ask her to throw away her trash she gets irritated and says that she's planning to do the right thing and recycle it.

Soon after the first picture Michael decided to adorn the "crown" with jewels & put it on her little sister, Baby Cleopatra.

Michael lovingly gives baby toys to play with, cuz what 3 month old doesn't love stuffed animals? Actually she really likes them and can handle them pretty well.

Today Michael made a fort for her baby sister, while Addison was playing in her bouncy chair. Luckily Addi doesn't mind the dark!

Here is Addison hanging out in her new fort c/o her big sister.

Cute baby feet, she's really in there! (Cute, comfy slippers c/o Teralee)


Anonymous said...

What a great sista Michael Anne is! Such cute girls!

Penny & Dave said...

I was going to post a picture of myself taking a dump on our blog too, but Penny wouldn't let me. What a killjoy.

Julie said...

Sorry, guess that was kinda inappropriate but she was being funny and really wanted me to post it, guess that could have been another lesson in hooker etiquette (or lack there of).

The Stratton Family said...

I can't believe she wanted you to take a pic of her on the toilet. Okay, that is totally like my Issy. What a good mom you are to actually follow through with things. I would probably say I did and didn't. I love that she is into recycling. What a great kid!!

Jared and Melissa said...

It's so fun to your kids start playing together... even if one of them doesn't know what's going on!