Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day

Father's Day was a lot of fun this year, as it always is! Derek is such a great dad & husband. I don't know what happened in the universe but it seems like my husband, his brothers, my brothers, my friend's & cousin's husbands are all a different breed of good men. It is wonderful to be around them & watch them. They are great examples to the next generation of dads (let's hold off on that though)!!!
I personally feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have such a devoted, helpful, and loving friend by my side. If all he did was rub my feet, which he does EVERY day, I'd love him but he does so much more for me... I can't even list all the day to day stuff he does without ever being asked or coerced. & then there is the way he loves me, the way he loves our children, the way he speaks to us with a kind voice. I don't think there is anything he wouldn't do to help us be happy, even on 2 hours sleep or no sleep at all & he does it all without a word. He's a GREAT guy! Derek, I love you.
So, I suggested we have a BBQ for Father's Day dinner after church on Sunday. I don't like picking out the meat so I asked Derek to do it & boy did he pick the meat!!! He brought home everything you could think of and our dinner turned into a feast of salad, shrimp, fresh corn on the cob, meat & veggies. Oh, it was so good. I wish you could have smelled it, tasted it, enjoyed it as much as we did. WOW. & YES, he even prepared it & grilled it himself & what an amazing job he did!!! Yummy.


ashley said...

that spread makes my mouth water. i also feel lucky with the man i am married too. i have so many friends that have problems with their husbands and i just tell myself, i am so lucky and i shouldn't complain. he is great!! i am glad you have a great guy too!! maybe, one day i will get to see you guys again!! hopefully this summer i will be down in utah. i will let you know for sure as we get closer to july. i am also hoping we have a job by then, so we will see!!!

Julie said...

I hope Ned is able to find a job too. It isn't the easiest right now, so much luck & prayers to your family!
I hope you are able to come down this summer too. It really would be great to see you again!!!!