Friday, June 12, 2009

All Ready for Kindergarten!!!

Michael Anne had her kindergarten check up at the doctor's office today. She was very prepared for her slew of shots but it showed in her slightly elevated blood pressure that she was a little nervous. Not to worry though, she brought along her teddy for comfort and Dr. Weipert's office gave her a BUNCH of prizes including, a bead bracelet, a sucker (of course), a coupon for a free ice cream cone, a coupon for a kid's meal at Del Taco, a certificate for being a SUPER patient, a Frisbee, a sticker, and maybe something else that I can't remember right now! Anyhow, the haul was a big one for such a big girl on such a big day!!!!
Here is our pediatric doctor. We think he's tops! He's been with us since our prenatal classes before Michael Anne was born and will likely be our doctor for years to come!!! His staff are wonderful and they take really great care with our kids. Thanks North Valley Pediatrics!!!

Incidentally, Addi had her well baby check up too & she is doing fine. I asked them for a sucker for her too as sugar seems to dull the pain! She enjoyed a few licks of watermellon DumDum goodness and a couple more sucks of it in the car. Then she tossed it and played with her sticky little hands the rest of the way home...what a cute kid!
Have you ever tried to take two children to the doctor for shots at the same time??? Surprisingly & wonderfully, Derek ended up with all his hours at work & was sent packing for the day so he showed up at home without calling ahead just as we were about to leave & just as I was about to begin meltdown mode...we had a poop out with little time to the meltdown was avoided & I cannot tell you the relief and utter happiness I felt at the instant he walked through the door! I think there is a good reason they don't like to schedule them that way, somehow it just ended up like this to their dismay...and mine, lucky for us daddy was there to hold one while the other protested the poky kisses! All in all, it was a good time though. Everybody left happy so that's good!!!

After we dropped sleepy, sticky Addi & daddy off at home Michael Anne & I went to the mall for another little treat. Grandma had recieved a coupon for a free Build-A-Bear & this seemed like the perfect day for a little cuddly, snuggly kind of fun. Here is her little critter, Sunny Cat, named for her soon to be school, Suncrest Elementary! Isn't she cute & a cat that takes a bath, now that's a great pet!!!

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April said...

Wow Michael Anne really did score at the doctors office! I've decided that I'd rather go to the doctor's office once with two crying kids than to load everyone up and go twice.