Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Here are a few of the meals I've made lately...you may laugh but these were the first times I'd ever made lasagna, baked potatoes & broccoli, or a roast by myself! They were pretty tasty if I do say so myself...and I do say so!


ashley said...

hey you're on the blogs again. yeah! Happy b-day to addy! Your meals look scrupmtious too! I did not laugh, because it is interesting what my friends make that i never make and vice versa. we all have our favorite dishes that we can just whip up quickly and sometimes never get to the other stuff. glad to see pictures. how big is addy? she looks very little. she reminds me of my little petite issy. i am really trying to make a trip to utah in july, i need to get some car work done, so if all goes well, i am planning mid-july. will you be around, I TOTALLY WANT TO HOOK UP!!!! it would be soo fun!

Julie said...

Yeah, I've been so lazy lately with my blog! I devoted all but Michael Anne's reading time of Addi's nap today to catching up, boy how 3 hours fly by!!!
Addison has been sick so I took her to the doctor last week & she weighed in at only 19lbs. & ?oz. She is rather petite! The Dr. was worried at first but he says she's growing steadily, just small. She eats just about anything in sight & gobbles up her milk so I guess she'll be alright!
I would LOVE to see you. We will be around all summer is my bet! We are in Orem now & T is in Provo so that would be great to see you both & spend some time together!!! Let me know when you finalize your plans :)