Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hedge Smedge

Today while we were playing out in the backyard Michael Anne decided it would be fun to take a walk with the spray bottle and "help out Mother Nature." This always sounds like a good time to me so we packed up everything and took it all inside & then strapped Addi in her stroller for a nice long walk. Michael was having a blast squirting every living thing she could find, but not the dead bird we found b/c "that's not living, well not anymore!" We walked past one finely manicured yard and Michael went over to water the bushes. They too were nicely trimmed, perfectly neat & square. I said to her something like "wow, isn't that amazing? that bush is completely square!" With nary a missed beat my little smarty pants replied "Yeah Mom, that's because its a hedge!" Oh well I'll be. That girl knows just about everything and then some!!!!

On the same note, the other day we were in the car & the kids wanted to watch a movie. Brenden was sick of Strawberry Shortcake and the like so it was his turn to pick a show. He chose A Bug's Life being the nice big brother that he is. Michael immediately protested and said she voted for something else, more girly. Derek said "No, it's Brenden's turn to pick something." She said "but I vote for...." He said "well we don't need a consensus it is Brenden's turn to pick." "Yes we need a consensus" she protested. Then Derek said "Michael do you know what a consensus is?" "Yes" she replied, (we exchanged a look that said "Ugh huh, sure you do") then she continued, "its when everybody agrees & I DO NOT agree!" Hummgh, she was right, but still A Bug's Life prevailed.

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amylouwho said...

OH my gosh. That's HILARIOUS!! She is a little smarty. I wouldn't expect anything less.