Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chop Chop!

Yesterday Michael Anne had her very first Karate lesson! Her cousin Kamryn goes to the Bobby Lawrence Karate Training Center so we decided to go there too. A few months ago Kamryn invited us to go see her belt advancement & Michael was totally excited. Kamryn is on the SWAT team which is their super awesome performing group. Michael thought it was really cool and I thought it would be a great opportunity for her to have some fun & to learn some more self dicipline and control. The following are a few pictures of her with Micki, her instructor. She learned the basics last night; attention, gaurd stance, punches, kicks, bowing, ducking, jumping, side stepping & the 7 special words which are "Yes sir, No sir, Yes ma'm, No ma'm, Please, Thank you, & You're welcome." Her next lesson is on Thursday evening and she will earn her white belt as long as she has completed her homework which is to use the 7 special words often & to do 5 chores around the house without being asked. Last night she went to bed with no argument & did her dishwasher chore by putting in the soap & turning it on by herself. This morning she's already made her bed very nicely, cleaned up her room (even Addi's stuff). Needless to say I'm loving this maybe even more than she does!!!

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ashley said...

way to go!! she will be able to protect herself with confidence!