Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Addison Turns One...Turned One

March 12, 2009
love you Addison!!!
Addi has a special place in our hearts. She is growing into such a fun little person. She enjoys playing with her family, "cooking" in the kitchen & signing her favorite signs (food, milk, more, sleepy, I want that, I love this). Her eyes are so big and beautiful and she has the sweetest smile & makes the funniest faces. She's got a pair of pretty eyebrows and she knows how to use them. Her dimples are to die for! She can feed herself and is beginning to take those first wobbly steps that will walk her right out of her snugly little babiness and into toddler hood. She is a beautiful and keen little girl. We love her SOOOOO MUCH. Thank you Addi for being ours & Happy Birthday little Goggzy!
Addi Eats her Bi
rthday Cupcake!
The poor girl was so tired by the end of the day that we had to have dessert first and then dinner after Addison was put to bed for the night. So much fun for such a small baby!!!!
Addison's Birthday Dinner - Steak & Chicken Fajitas

A Little Random Birthday Fun

Addi got the go-ahead from her doctor to begin whole milk. She was very excited about the idea but really only began taking a bottle or sippy cup in the last few weeks (this being posted on June 2nd)!
We had lots of fun with Addison's birthday as it seemed to stretch over a full week, thus the different outfits. She really enjoys her "walking" toys from her grandmas. She's really good at pushing the buttons to make her horsey & her stroller play fun music.
After quite a long day I thought this last picture of her snoozing in her bed was very cute!

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