Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Only One Year of High School Left!!!

Today is Brenden's last day of his junior year!!! WooHooHoo!!!! Where has the time gone? As promised here are some more pictures of the boy who makes us so proud. He's done a lot to finish off this year well and these pictures will show some of the accomplishments he's had. Way to Go Bren! We LOVE you!!!

Brenden has been attending the Jordan Applied Technology Center every morning this year. Here he is sporting his first SUIT, care of Grandma & Grandpa Johnson, with his Web Design teacher, Mr. Kidd, at this year's graduation & awards ceremony. Mr. Kidd had a lot of nice things to say about Brenden and as you can see in the next picture he was rewarded nicely for his good attitude and all the great work he has done this year!

These last two photos are from the Salt Lake Community College concurrent enrollment Art Show. Brenden's teacher submitted this website he designed and it won the blue ribbon Award of Excellence in Animation & Multimedia! You can't quite tell from the picture but it is a website that tells all about the planets. The planets rotate and when you scroll over them they give info about the planet. The Earth also spins in the background for a really cool effect. Surprisingly, the award was accompanied by a check for $100.00! You should have seen his face when he sat down to look in the envelope after he accepted his award. It was awesome!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow way to go Bren! End of Junior year -dude that's huge!