Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Michael's Chores...

So Michael Anne can't quite read yet (she's learning but wants to wait until she starts kindergarten to "really" learn, & there's no changing her mind - punk, but who really cares I guess) but I want her to do some specific things each day. So instead of making a chore chart or list of things to do I've come up with this idea instead... a picture for each thing she is responsible for each day. But not just some clip art picture, a real picture of HER doing what needs to be done so she'll not only remember to do it but she'll be reminded of how it is supposed to be done as well. Genius. The idea is that we'll divide the refrigerator in 4ths, a done & not done side for both morning & night, & then she'll move the photos, which I'm laminating & fixing a magnet to the back of, from one side to the other as she completes each job. Here are the photos I took of her jobs yesterday, in no particular order. I think they are really cute.

Reading Lesson & Happy Attitude

Clean Room Before Bed

Shower & Cleaned up Craft Area

Unload the Dishwasher & Tidy the Closet

Play with Sissy & Story Time

Make the Bed Neatly & Say Prayers

Scriptures & Brush Teeth

Brush Hair & Go to Bed without a Fuss

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Julie said...

Humm, that's a lot of stuff I want her to do each day! Maybe I'll need to condense some of it!!!! Poor girl's got a tyrant for a mom...Well I guess it'll be broken up into morning stuff and night time stuff, maybe not so bad...