Friday, March 6, 2009

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
Valentine's Day was a lot of fun this year. We began our morning with the Primary activity at church, which Michael Anne totally enjoyed. Of course, anytime David is around she's in Heaven!!! The kids got to make Valentine's for the missionaries, play Valentine themed games, make cute little mice out of Hershey Kisses, beads, & yarn, & they had a cupcake walk for a nice treat. Here they, Michael Anne & David, are at the Primary Party, don't they make a darling pair (yikes)!

Michael REALLY wanted to do something special for David for Valentine's & truth be told she probably made him about 20 Valentines but I told her that we could do something nice for his whole family instead. So, after the party at church we went over to Krispy Kreme & picked up a dozen Valentine/Heart-shaped doughnuts. It was a good time & she loved every minute of it! Here we are at David's house delivering the tasty treats. By the way, David is 7 and the two girls are his little twin sisters who are actually Michael Anne's age. I must admit that this was a fun little adventure with my girl.

We had a nice Valentine's brunch after Michael & I returned home. I made heart-shaped pancakes & some spread raspberry jam on them, which I think made them look like bloody hearts. Even Addison got in on the good stuff & enjoyed her Valentine pancakes too!

Finally, before Brenden had to head out for his date to the Sweetheart's Dance at school, we all exchanged Valentine cards which Michael Anne totally loved! We even made her a little box to keep them in & now 6 days into March she still gets them out & looks at them!!!

Isn't he handsome in his PINK shirt!?! They wore pink & brown & we thought he looked smashing! Not sure what that smile is all about but he really looked nice. His date, April, also looked very nice & supposedly there are pictures from the dance to prove it but we haven't seen any yet!!!

Welcome Home! Isn't this the coolest!!! A little Valentine decor made with my fancy Cricut Expressions machine.

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stephanie raleigh said...

What a cute valentine's!! And Brenden, we better get to see those pictures!