Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Thanksgiving is always a fun time of year for me. I love reminiscing about our big dinners at 516 Walter Reed St. on Ft. Clayton. Nobody had family around so families would get together from the ward to enjoy some good company on the special day. Dad would always make the coolest name plates for everyone with custom drawings of something that was unique to each person, I loved those. While my mom & the other moms went so out of their way to make it a special celebration with amazingly carved watermelon fruit baskets, pies, marshmallow yams, several turkeys & all the fixings. This past year we had another nice Thanksgiving & Michael Anne got to make some fun turkey cupcakes with Grandma Church the day before.
The Famous Pinapple Turkey, made my Own this year!

Mommy & her Two Little Turkeys

Michael Anne & Grandma making Turkey Cupcakes

Turkey Cupcakes

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Ashley said...

i love the turkey. so cool. i might have to just try that one year. i love to have original traditions.