Friday, March 6, 2009

Some Fun & Random Pictures

Here is a collage of fun/random pictures over the past few months:

Meet GEORGE. Michael made & married George. He's a bit of an Air Head, but very amiable.

Michael during a READING lesson. This is a GREAT program, Frontline Phonics (click here for a link to their site - it's kinda expensive but Derek got a deal on EBay)!

Working on her "HOMEWORK" Let's hope she's still so excited for homework in the years to come!

Comfort Food, mom's Lasagna. This was the first time I'd ever made it & it was delish!

Family DINNER, even Adds loved the lasagna

Our version of ANTS on a LOG, we used chocolate chips as there were no raisins available.

Michael got this brilliant idea to soak her feet & Addi got a brilliant idea to splash in the water!

Family Home Evening

FHE, adapted from the Friend magazine (click here for a link). Match the scriptures with the picture of someone showing faith in God.

How to have FAITH

Addison has discovered that THE BOX is the MOST FUN of ALL

Brenden setting up HIS Experiment for the Science Fair

Michael Anne setting up Her OWN Experiment

Michael Anne carefully preparing her Labels

The Lima Bean Plants (oddly, Michael's grew & Brenden's didn't even break the surface so we used the data from her's for the science fair project!)

Watering the precious Lima Beans (they're still growing strong)!
Michael Anne wants to grow the beans & smash them up for Addi to eat, what a thoughtful sister.

Addison is a little TORNADO. Here's what she did to their nice & neatly organized closet.


Playing with Sis in THE BOX

Addi Climbs the Stairs - she's been doing this for a while now

Michael Anne chillin' at the Nu Skin store in Provo

Addi & cousin Kate playing House

Michael looking rather Pretty at Church

Michael Anne Rock Star Johnson & her homemade Guitar


amylouwho said...

I can't believe how grown up Michael is! And she's only a year older than Alison.

Ashley said...

great pictures. you look like you take being amom super serious. I love it. i am so big on the fhe thing and teaching my kids and it looks like the teacher in you comes out in your mothering as well. it is fun to see how your family is growing!! love ya!

Julie said...

Thanks Ash! That is really sweet of you to say. All I can say is that I'm settling into being a full-time mom pretty well & enjoying being there for my kids. They are so fun!
The other night, late, I couldn't sleep so I turned on the tv & watched a little of Oprah. The show was on wild children who didn't receive much social, physical, or even mental stimulation or care from their parents & how awful it was just tore my heart out. Anyhow, the Dr. said that a child's personality is pretty much imprinted on their brain by the time they reach about 6 years old. I was impressed by that & I'm trying my best to help the girls develop their spiritual strength, problem solving skills & over all demeanor so that they can take that with them into the rest of their lives.
Thank goodness for the Gospel & all the help & great ideas it gives us!!!

Danielle and Derek said...

I love all the pictures. It looks like you've been keeping busy and having fun. Good job on catching up you blog - I'm impressed!