Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Christmas 2008

Christmas was a lot of fun this year (last year that is). It was the first time I did most of the getting ready, well the decorating the house & wrapping gifts part. Here are some pictures of Christmas, Family, & Cleaning up after the holidays.

Out in the COLD to procure the perfect Tree!

My favorite Nativity from Panama

The Girl's Favorite Nativity from Fisher Price (with a few visitors)

Addi's Favorite gift to try to Unwrap (daily, hourly, by the minute)

Who is that guy? I think he smelled like Beef & Cheese!

Michael Anne & the Primary kids Singing some Holiday songs for us (notice the boy in the green soccer shirt, that's David... the love of her little life)!

Enjoying some Yuletide Yummies at the Ward Christmas Party

The Tree on Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas my Baby Girls!

Here they come!

Michael Anne's Stocking (don't be fooled by my name on it, Hillary made this beautiful stocking for me years ago but Michael loves it so much that she gets to use it)

Addi's Stocking
Hey, what's this stuff??? For me??? Nice.

Addi's 1st Christmas Gift of her Whole Life!!!

This is so fun, for everyone!
Isn't it great when a simple Baby Food Box is the Christmas hit?!?

Michael Anne made this BEAUTIFUL picture of our family for me for Christmas! Thank You baby Girl!

Michael's Christmas Crafts

Some cute Santa Stuff

Michael Anne & Audrey A baby is born! Oh Dear!

What great Doctors these two make!

What a beautiful Girl! Good Bye Christmas...


Anonymous said...

What fun to see the holiday review! Cuteness!

ronandlindahatfield said...

Thanks for sharing your holidays. Everyone of them looked great!

Ashley said...

its fun to see your family pictures. your kids are growing fast and cuter every day.