Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another long time no post...

Hummm, why haven't I been here in a while??? Busy I suppose. I just wanted to leave a little note though that we are happy and doing well so far this year.

I've been impressed with our family, we have set a goal and are doing a great job keeping up with it. We've decided to have scripture time each day and we have a rotating schedule as to who is in charge each day. Instead of reading from cover to cover each person is in charge of choosing a topic for their scripture share and then they read/talk about a few scriptures that go along with what they have chosen. It has been very nice and fun to get together each evening to read and uplift each other instead of just being entertained by the tv. I have been impressed with some of the topics and I think it gives us as parents another little insight as to what our kids are thinking and concerned with. It is also the perfect time for family prayers and I am really enjoying it! I am thankful for the scriptures & I'm glad we are actually using them instead of looking at them from their spot on the shelf!

It is also fun to have Michael Anne & Addi use the Friend magazine to help them choose a topic. Last night it was Addi's turn and she told us the story of President Hinckley when he wanted to move an old dead tree. He hooked up a chain to the tree but when he began to pull the tree a link in the chain broke. He went to the store and bought a replacement link and put it in place but the chain was never the same again. He encouraged us to be a strong link in our family chain and to draw upon the blessings of righteous families in the scriptures and in our pioneer heritage for strength. We sure do have a strong heritage of faith in our family, from both sides. Then we read about the strength the stripling warriors gained from the teachings of faith from their mothers & their blessing of protection for trusting their own faith.

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Ashley said...

what a great idea. i am constantly looking for new ideas to update and revitalize our scripture study...this may be a good idea for us to try!! thanks for sharing