Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Count Down to Christmas

Who knows what the heck is up with our count down counter downer??? Maybe it's hosted in Kiribati! It's getting way ahead of itself, & way too ahead of me! Hope you all are enjoying your count down to Christmas.
We enjoyed the Christmas program in our ward this past Sunday. The Primary sang, and what a wonderful job those little ones did! The ward choir also sang along with scripture readings of course and they were also quite good. At the end of the service we were moved by a piano/organ duet that just made the meeting. It is such a wonderful time of year, too bad it is so short lived. Next year I am determined to begin celebrating Christmas the week after Thanksgiving! It is just too nice to pass up.
The girls & I have been enjoying the lights and decorations of our beautiful Christmas tree and tuning into the traditional holiday tunes on the t.v. with senic backgrounds of winter wonderlands (isn't it cool that you can listen to music on the t.v.?) it is quite relaxing.
Sorry, no pictures in this post. Maybe tomorrow I'll get the girls all dolled up in their Christmas dresses so you can see how beautiful they looked on Sunday.

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Liz said...

Hey Julie-I'm glad to have found your blog, too. I will definitely add you on my list when I go private. It's great to catch up on your family!