Thursday, January 22, 2009

Food for Thought

I decided to start keeping track of the food I make for Addison as she's decided to be a solid food baby almost full time now. So I started a new blog for that purpose. It is called Deliciously Homemade and can be found at
I decided to do this because I'd wanted to make her food myself but I was intimidated by the task until I thought I could just simplify all the glorified ideas in my mind, chop up some good, healthy food, and that would work just fine. So I bought myself a Magic Bullet blender and some fresh fruits & veggies and got to work, only it isn't work b/c the Magic Bullet is so awesome and quick I can't give it enough kudos!
So, what inspired me to ditch Gerber and make my own??? Well to be honest I haven't kicked Gerber or Enfamil to to curb completely. I do use them too but I was watching the one or two episodes of Jon & Kate + 8 that I've ever seen... oh no, it wasn't one of their shows it was Kate on a talk show that I rarely ever watch but caught a snippet of one day... anyhow, the hostess was asking Kate about feeding her children (her many children) and mentioned that they NEVER (okay, technically rarely) eat out. The hostess was surprised and asked how she does it. Kate's response stuck with me and what she said was basically that she has these little people she's been given to raise and that she wants their bodies to have the best start they possibly can so she cooks their meals and feeds them at home or plans ahead and packs lunches instead of hitting the drive thru.
Now, I'm not that great and we do the drive thru but I thought there was definitely something to what she was saying about giving her kids' bodies the best shot at a healthy life and I knew I could do that too. So Deliciously Homemade was born. I know some of you are homemaking, baby-feeding experts already so if you feel like checking it out feel free & feel free to leave some of your own ideas for me to try out!
The thing I enjoy most about cooking is seeing how much my family likes what I make for them, it is especially fun to watch my baby gobble up the concoctions I make for her too! It's fun, easy, and I feel like I'm doing something good for her. Hope you enjoy it too.


Amylouwho said...

I'm going to go check it out! I'm a homemade baby food fan myself. Andrew moved to big people food at 8 months and has shunned mushy stuff with no spices since!

jendalyn said...

Can't wait to check it out. :)