Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pretty Little Ballerina

Michael has never had dance lessons but she loves to dress up and dance. She checked out a book from the library about a Ballet School and she opens up the pages and practices the moves the little girls are doing in the book, it is so cute. So every aspiring ballerina needs her gear and here is Michael sporting a new little dancing ensemble and of course a ribbon just like the little girls in the book! Isn't she darling!?!

Here is our little ballerina playing with her new set of Polly Pockets. Here is the story of the Polly Pockets...
Yesterday we were out shopping and as we walked through the isles of clothes racks she started screaming a painful & loud scream. When I looked down at her she was holding her left ear. A pair of pants hanging on the rack had a big belt buckle that had a hook that hooks into the holes on the belt. It was pretty pointy and had hooked her in the crook of the top of her ear, where you might see an extra ear ring on some people. It cut her little ear so I took her to the customer service desk and put her up on the counter so I could get a better look. The store wasn't very helpful but she will be okay. What's funny though is that the whole way from the scene of the accident to the customer service desk and during the doctoring we did on her ear and through the tears and bloody ear her little mind was at work concocting a plan to play on the sympathies of her mommy and grandma to get the precious Polly Pockets she had been begging for all along! Well it worked. She is so dang smart!

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