Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Addison's Ear Piercing

I think growing up in Latin America and seeing 90% of all baby girls with their ears pierced really stuck with me and I always said my little girls would have pierced ears too. I just love it and so this is one thing we have now made a tradition in our family. So in keeping with Michael's pretty pierced ears we took Addi to get her ears pierced the day after her 2 month shots. The Piercing Pagoda was the place, same as Michael's. They did a great job and for those of you who may think it is cruel to pierce baby ears just keep in mind that she cried more with her shots than she did with the piercing and I cried more than she did when Michael's were done but boy they are cute.
Now I tell Addi that not only is she the prettiest little girl on the planet but she is also the fanciest!!!

Virgin Ears

Good Luck Kiss from Michael Anne

Mommy with Addi Before the BIG Event

Daddy & Addi After

Michael Playing at the Piercing Pagoda

Sleeping Addi with Fancy Ears

Fancy Addison on Sunday (dress c/o Aunt Maria & blanket c/o Aunt Stephanie when MA was born)

Random Bath Time Picture


Anonymous said...

Addi you're so fancy! Love the darling purple dress! So very cute! I still have a picture of Michael Anne's virgin ears and after too. So cute! Addi sure looks like her big sis huh! Fun fun!

Julie said...

We sure think she is a pretty little lady. We also agree that these two little gals look a lot alike. I have yet to actually compare photos but I think they are pretty close.
Hattie (e or no e?) sure is getting big. I was afraid Addison was going to be one of those "failure to thrive" babies but she's a good 10 lbs. and her doctor seemed good with that so I am too.
Can't wait to see you!!!

jungleprincess said...

Well, I guess if boys have to go through the circumcision ritual, girls can endure the piercing, eh?? :>) Cute photos--love the blue dress! It was great to see you during my trip.

ronandlindahatfield said...

Love the fancy new blog page!
It was so nice to see all of you this Memorial Day weekend. Addison looked adorable with her fancy earrings as did Michael Anne and Mommy!! Hope you get to come again soon!

Chad and Amy said...

Your girls do look just alike. Addi's ears looked adorable. Do you ever think your husband looks like Patrick Dempsey?