Thursday, March 6, 2008

Life at home with Michael Anne...

This post is just about a few things I've been having fun doing with Michael Anne:

This was Michael's response when I told her that we may have our little baby on Tuesday. I asked her what she thought of that idea and her little face lit up and out came "macarooni smackerooni!" Don't ask me why but she was obviously excited...oh wait I bet it's from Pinky Dinky Doo on NOGGIN.

I'm enjoying being home with Michael Anne. We've been having fun making chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, playing dress up a million and one times/day, creating play dough people, and dancing around the house a lot. I've also got her hooked on making lists to get things done. She now makes lists of everything from what to clean to what to pack in the baby bag to what's for dinner. Last night she/we made a menu for Derek & Brenden to enjoy dinner at her very own Restaurante' de Mickelina. We wrote down all of the things we had made for dinner and then she added lobster to the menu too and drew a picture of a lobster with "pinchy" claws! It was really cute (f.y.i. - the pinchy claws are on the top of the lobster's head). When Derek got home from work Michael put on her restaurant hostess voice and "guided" daddy to his seat. She even rolled up the silverware in our napkins, just like at the real restaurants. She cracks me up.

(the chocolate chips melted really well today so we "painted" in the heart shape)

Today we are going to go to the playground and I told her we could stay there as long as she wants to. I'm thinking that was a mistake, but I've already committed so it will be.

The one weird thing about being home all of the time is that there are days in a row when I don't leave the house. Last night Derek wasn't feeling well, he caught the cold too, so I went to the store to pick up some medicine for him and while I was driving I realized I hadn't left the house since Tuesday...wait that was only the day I guess I couldn't remember the last time I left the house by myself. Anyway, it was weird.

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