Friday, July 6, 2007

Yesterday afternoon Michael Anne and I headed down to Provo to the Bean Life Science Museum. She always has a great time there. I love it because it is nice and cool, it's a great place to teacher scientific names and things about the animals and where they live, and it's free! After finding all the animals on the sheet they give the little kids we spent some time exploring other things and then headed outside to look for ducks.

We found some ducks and even some ducklings down below the Bell Tower. Some kids were wading in the cool water so we decided to take our shoes off and have some fun too. The water was so refreshing and freezing cold which was a nice treat on a 100+ degree day!!!
I love this picture, isn't she beautiful!


Anonymous said...

The Bean Museum is always a hot spot for the kids. this is the cutest picture! I love it. Sounds like you had a super fun day.

rusted sun said...

When I was a kid I thought the Bean Museum was a museum for beans, and I thought people from Utah were weird because they had a museum just for beans. :)

ps....yes, you have a beautiful little girl!

jungleprincess said...

Great photo! Hey, I've meant to call you but I can't find your number. There's a little birthday celebration for La Squeak at my parents' house at 7 p.m. tonight. Late notice, I know, but if you can make it, fabulous. No presents please, just your presence, hee hee. I'm at Karen's if you have questions.

Amylouwho said...

We should go here when I am in town. Looks like a place Alison would like.