Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July

I hope you all had a nice holiday. This holiday, along with Thanksgiving, is one of my favorites. Sitting out on our porch overlooking the valley reminded me a lot of sitting on the front lawn of Fort Clayton and watching the fireworks display beyond the canal.
Nothing beats the 4th of July on a military base, especially overseas!
I am so grateful for our service men and women, past and present. Especially my brothers and their families, THANK YOU ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Love, Julie


Anonymous said...

Happy 4th!!! I am so grateful for our service men and women too! Way to go I say! Glad you had a happy 4th. Totally miss 4th of July fireworks and patrioticness.

andi,andi,andi said...

so when I saw this picture of your kid, I immediately thought of Mardi Gra 2000. I think that is the year ran into you, Ann and Alisa in the airport bedecked with beads and bras.

BTW -- we should get together when I officially move back to Utah!

Julie Johnson said...

Andi, That is awesome! I had forgotten about that fun trip to the airport, back in the day when people could be silly at the airport. That was fun!