Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner for Lunch

Today Addison & I joined our little Pilgrim Michael Anne for lunch at school. They served turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, pumpkin pie, rolls, milk, & fruit. The whole lunch was tasty & it was super fun to spend some time with Michael Anne in her little world! After lunch we got to go back to class with her for story time during which the teacher read a book made by the children in the class. Each page had a drawing by one of the students & they were all so proud of their story & especially their very own drawings.


ashley said...

how fun! are you enjoying being a school mom? How is the pregnancy going? Your girls are growing up so beautiful and I am sure so smart too! i always enjoy the time i have to go and help at school and be involved in my kids life. way to go mom!

Julie said...

Thanks Ash. Yeah, I really do enjoy spending time with Michael at school. Its a little challenging with Addi, they don't encourage little visitors, so I don't get to go help out as often as I'd like but they seem to have fun things like this fairly often that Addi can come to without distracting the school kids too much!

jendalyn said...

Sounds fun. Our Elementary School does the same thing, but the food is, um, not so great. Oh well!! It is really neat to sit with the kids and enjoy lunch.