Sunday, November 15, 2009

Remembering Christopher James Church...

Yesterday, Nov. 14, was one of my older brother's birthdays. Chris was born in the Panama Canal Zone in 1968. He passed away Dec. 10, 1984. This year he would have turned 41.
Some things I remember about him:
1. He loved the Redskins
2. He liked Snoopy
3. He was a good friend to my older brothers & to us "little" kids
4. He loved our mother's chocolate mousse cake
5. He didn't like spaghetti
6. He played football
7. He saved me from a boy named Vincent in 3rd grade who wouldn't leave me alone
8. He had a nice smile
9. He was very honest & didn't like crude behavior or talk
10. He had an ingrown toe nail removed & camped out in his tent in our family room for what seemed like a week (am I remembering that right?). He had a high tollerance for pain which I do not!
11. He was a Boy Scout & in the Order of the Arrow
12. He was fun to play with
13. Our cat, Wendy, loved him the best, I'm pretty sure. I remember when he died she knew something was wrong, you could just tell. I'm sure he was there with her when she died years later looking out at the ocean.
14. His eyes were kind of crystally blue/green
15. I still have some of the things he gave me for Christmas that year, he planned ahead & enjoyed doing nice things for us. He was a good brother.
16. When he died my mom & dad cried for weeks, months, years (still do)...he must have been a good son
16 things don't seem like enough memories. Thank the Lord we will be with him again! This promise has helped me make good/better choices throughout my life so that I will be able to be with my family after this life. I hope it helps you make good choices too :)


April said...

I was too young to remember Chris. I enjoyed reading your memories and getting to know who he was better. You're a good sister!

Jared and Melissa said...

I loved reading this post also. Thanks so much for sharing!

amylouwho said...

Very sweet.

Henry said...

I remember Chris giving me a piggyback ride.

Julie said...

That's cool Lisa. You know, I was only in 4th grade when he died & its hard to remember a lot about him so its nice to hear your memories too.
The worst is not remembering his voice, but what do you do?
Thanks you guys!

ronandlindahatfield said...

I was down there with your parents when Chris was born. Doesn't seem like 41 years ago! He was a sweetie, for sure.

David said...

I just "found" your blog aggain.
How sweet of you to post this.
I remember when you wore your cheerleading outfit for the first time at a football game Chris told me he thought you looked so cute! He was a perfect son to mme. I miss him.

David said...

Tha wasn't David -it was me Mom

Julie said...

Thanks Mom, that is a neat thing to know! It will something more for me to treasure :) Thank you.