Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lead it snow...

We've got so much snow they actually canceled church!
A few days ago during a particularly heavy snow I mentioned to Michael Anne how grandma and I had been talking and decided that we ought to move to a warmer climate like Hawaii or Panama or Arizona for example. (Not like that would take much convincing/deciding - I love Utah but I'd move in a half a heartbeat given the opportunity). Michael thought about this for a moment and then declared, "I think I would like to move to China!" Curiously, she talks about China a lot so I always ask her about it. This particular day she said that when she moves there she will take her own paint to paint her house. When I asked why she responded "So that it won't have lead in it and then I can make toys for kids that aren't bad for them to play with."
I suppose this all stems from the toy recalls this past summer. I was checking her toys one day and I explained to her that some toys from China were unsafe because of the levels of lead in the paint. She is very keen and remembers these things very vividly. We always check to see where products were made, especially if I don't like the product, and if it was made in China this gives us a great and logical way to pass it up no matter how fun it looks. As soon as I say it was made in China and might have lead paint in it she is quick to return it to the shelf without any further "discussion." Admittedly, this works pretty well even when the product isn't really from China!


Churches said...

We'll have to try that little trick next time we're in the toy aisle. Very clever!

Maria said...

Hey! I am "tagging" you! Check out my blog to find out what to do!