Sunday, October 21, 2007

What a big girl!

We got our first overnight snow last night so Michael and I were out in the garage looking for her snow clothes and stumbled across this little outfit.
It was my cheerleading uniform from the one time I was a cheerleader back in 1984 (4th grade, approximately 9 years old)! It is a little big on her but it sure is cute!!!
Here's a cheer for you all: "Good, Better, Best. We'll put you to the test! The better you are the better we'll be. We're the BEST!!!" GO CLAYTON COWBOYS!!!! Can you believe I've remembered that all these years?!? I remember our routine for half time too, it was set to the song from Footloose "Let's here it for the Boy." Ahhh, the memories!


Anonymous said...

What fun! So very cute! And kudos to you for your memory on cheers!

Kevin said...

you were that small in 4th grade.. and yes i read you blog every once in a while..