Saturday, May 22, 2010

Michael's Science Experiment

Michael Anne decided to do this experiment the other day. She set it up all by herself, except for me cutting the paper towels. I think she got the idea from Fetch with Ruff Ruffman on PBS kids. She's quite the little genius :)First, use different colored markers to make a line along the bottom of a paper towel strip. Label each towel with the marker you are testing.Then dip it in water to let the capillary action of the towel disperse the colors contained in the ink of the marker.Finally, observe the colors that make up the ink colors of each marker. Number 1 was a regular black marker. Number 2 was a black Sharpie. The colors in the black Sharpie ink did spread out a bit but it held pretty fast to the towel so its hard to see.
It was very fun & interesting!

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