Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Moms & Muffins

The PTA at Michael Anne's elementary school puts on a couple of really fun activities throughout the year. Today was the first one, Moms & Muffins. It was a lot of fun to spend some time with her reading and having a yummy treat. Hopefully daddy will be able to make it to the Dads & Donuts when that comes along!


ashley said...

what a fun idea!! looks like she is adjusting to school just fine! we will totally need to get together sometime. shoot me an email and we can arrange something. ash@utre.net maybe on a long weekend or other weekend. we are open as of now!

Anonymous said...

Super cute! What a fun thing to do! Love seeing Addi walking too!

Julie said...

You guys are great! Thanks for visiting my blog, it doesn't get much traffic so it's really fun when we have visitors!!!!