Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dodge Ball 2007

A few years ago Derek and a few guys from the hospital started playing dodge ball in the annual dodge ball tournament in Spanish Fork. Originally they just subbed for a couple of players on their friend's family team but since have played on "Team X" made up of the X-ray crew he works with.
Spanish Fork takes their dodge ball pretty seriously, except when it comes to the refereeing, so sometimes it's a little scary to watch but it is fun. It's amazing that grown men (mostly) have such a hard time being honest and obeying rules. I was pleased that Derek managed himself so well!
Here is a picture of the team after they were through. Maybe some of you can actually catch their games on Spanish Fork cable. Derek's sister, Pam, saw a little of last year's game as she was flipping channels!

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Churches said...

Don't you have to have a mustache and wear tight, short shorts to play dodge ball? This picture must have been taken before these guys slipped into their uniforms!