Sunday, April 8, 2007

Our New Home

Here is a photo of the home we are renting. It is a beautiful home and we were incredibly blessed to "stumble" upon it! It is in a nicely planned neighborhood with its own lake, elementary school, community center, community garden, and plenty of trails for biking, walking, and many playgrounds which we have enjoyed a lot so far. We are very happy here.

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marketing said...

Hi Julie and Derek, Michael Anne, Brenden and Chase! I love your new home. It is gorgeous and looks like you will have plenty of room to spread your wings and grow there. I'm so happy for you guys. The blog is fun to see pictures of your little 'Monkey' too. Wow, Michael Anne is growing up into quite a little lady. :) She's not so little anymore though. I can't believe the last time I saw her she was still in a baby carrier. I'm so bad. Well...Stu and I are excited to come and see the new place and visit you someday.

Over and out, Rachel.